Infrared contact glasses and lenses for cheating the players

The infrared contact glasses or lenses is the best supporting partner for making the marked player cards as these devices can read the back marketed cards and not subjected to any environment interferences. In which the different materials and sizes of the glasses and lenses are available in the market where based on your eye lenses you can choose the IR lenses and glasses so that you will get higher level of experience and comfort. The advance technology called sandwich is applied to process the cheating card lenses and glasses and in this process the lens are designed in such a way that it can read the luminous ink marks present on the back of card. invisible ink contact lenses for marked cards
When it comes to preserving of this card lenses then it is quite different one with the transparent contact lenses and storage method because the marked lenses of glasses are soaked into the pure water rather than the care solution so the lenses have longer life time. Now a day’s most of the casino centers are using this kind of card marking techniques to win the players by making them to lose their hard earned valuable money in gambling.
How to choose the best buy marked card contact lenses?
• Don’t believe in using the x-ray game version contact lenses where through this you can see only the regular deck of cards so it is best to the special lenses which can help you to see the invisible marks through the markings of the card where this technology uses the infrared wave brand.
• The best-buy of the marked poker card lenses and glasses can accommodate the various lights in which the effectiveness of the infrared contact lenses will not affect the eyes of the wearer.
• The price of the contact lenses for the deck of the marked poker cards varies with the source of the material for example when you buy high grade of the marked contact lenses of poker cards then it comes with the anti-scaling and non ionic material that protects the lenses from absorbing the protein precipitation.
When you are buying the high grade infrared contact glasses and lenses for seeing the invisible marking present on the back side of the poker cards then it will protect your eyes from the unwanted radiation and it does not provides any harm to your eyes.

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