What Are Husband Pillows?

A husband pillow, also known as a boyfriend pillow, gets its name from its high back and two long arms. The husband pillow looks like the top of an armchair and is used to prop the user up while sitting in bed or on the floor. If you are looking for a multi-purpose pillow that you can use for bed or work, this pillow is one of the best choices for you. Here are some of the advantages that have made these cushions one of the most popular. Pillows for single

Orthopedic support

Lower back problems getting your down? Sleeping takes up to 1/3 of your life. For many people without pillows that provide orthopedic support, this means that a third of their lives are spent worsening their lower back pains. To avoid waking up on the wrong side of the bed each day, you need to sleep with the support that the orthopedically designed boyfriend pillows provide. The usual design which these pillows have includes a backrest and arm rests that are similar to a recliner. However, most new husband cushions can be packed to remove the arms and head rest so that you are left with a comfortable pillow for sleeping in at night.


After the bed comes the office. If you work nine to five jobs at the office, another great portion of your life is spent sitting in front of the office desk. There are a variety of stretching exercises that you can perform in order to keep your body limber in spite of the hours of stagnant position. One of the best solutions, however, is to ensure that your back is properly supported even while sitting in your office chair. There are plenty of husband cushions that work well not just in bed but even in the office chair or your couch and sofa sets. Choose husband cushions that come with straps that will allow you to fit the set into whichever chairs you are using. For long drives when taking a vacation with family, you can even attach the pillows to your car seat. Because the usual husband cushion weighs less than seven pounds, portability is never an issue.

Features and customization

For the lazy Saturday afternoons dedicated to lounging around, the husband cushions are the perfect companion along with your DVDs or books. New models include features such as cup holders and small pockets that will allow you to stay in place and relax without needing to leave the comfort of the cushion just to reach for a pen, some mints, or a cup of tea.

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